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Thalictrum thalictroides Rue-anemone is a delicate woodland perennial rising to 9 inches. At the top of the stalk is a lacy whorl of 3-parted, dark-green leaves above which rises delicate,…
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MEDICINAL PLANTS Of West Virginia Adder’s Tongue

Description: Adder's tongue is a perennial plant to 1 foot high; its bulbous root is light brown on the outside and white inside. It grows two leathery, basal, lanceolate, pale…
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Brook trout and bluebird wildlife license plates available for West Virginia motorists

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Two new wildlife license plates are now available to West Virginia motorists, one featuring a native brook trout and the other an Eastern bluebird. The plates…
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Berkeley Springs State Park

Berkeley Springs State Park is located in the center of Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. The Bathhouse first opened in 1930.  Since then, thousands have enjoyed the variety of baths and…
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