Aaron Tippin concert 2017

For most who read our blog prolly won’t know who this man is, but to myself,  his music has been an inspiration. As one of my favorite country music singers or as he calls himself the ” Fred Sanford” of Country music, Aron Tippin touches the heart of Not only country music fans, but the True Blue American!

My Wife managed to get us tickets to his concert at the Barbour County Fair and man what a great time!  The Wind, Rain and mud couldn’t keep his loyal fans from jam packing the area to listen and catch a glimpse of what True Country Music really is.  We sang along, danced and watched as this man had us all going about as if he was the pied piper.

Truly an amazing show and a great talent.  He hasn’t lost a step and his music still gave us goose bumps and to hear and see the crowd react to his every move was just like being a child again! ohh and Let us NOT forget about his band, on point and working the crowd just as much as he did. Tonight was our date night with me and the Mrs and let me tell ya it was the best date I have ever had, great music, beautiful company and a cool crisp night spent in the arms of my loving wife, who could ask for more?

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