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FotoFlexer_PhotoBorn and raised in West Virginia, The Ridenour’s Both have a Great Passion For the Outdoors. Camping, Hikers, Gardeners, Foodies, Ultra Light Fishing,  We Both Enjoy Spending our time with family and friends on their adventures. As a Photographer, Jeannie Ridenour finds the perfect shot and shows the great beauty when she snaps the shutter. Her Photographs have been used in a few local articles and has brought a look rarely seen.  Eric Ridenour has spent his life in the outdoors, from Hunting, Fishing, Trapping. As a blogger/writer his articles have been published in a few world wide magazines and local and state wide news papers.  His love for his Native American Heritage has brought him even closer to his roots. The Ridenour’s have Three Children, Jason, Tabby and Kaylee And the Newest Adition Sofia our beautiful Granddaughter. In 2004 Hillbillybonez ( aka Big Ez World ) Was started as a means to show the world how life is here in West Virginia. Once the Word got out about our Website it took off. In the Years Since then, Hillbillybonez Has grown into what it is today, We offer folks a glimpse into the Mountains, Our adventures and offer some great low cost gear made right here in West Virginia.

jayPlease be sure to like, share and Subscribe to us on all of our social media pages as well as checking out all that we have to offer on our website.  Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us.

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