Man, Woman and the Hills

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness. – John Muir

You know as we get older it seems like the days go by faster and faster as do the weeks, months and years.  It’s hard to believe that Jeannie and I have logged as many miles as we have.  But never the less as long as we are able to do so we will hike/walk till the end of time. Since Jeannie got me into hiking/walking I’ve managed to find a way to get outdoors once again. All though I’m not able to hike very far ( sorry Honey I know you want to hike further ) I try to make it farther and farther each time.


Today, Jeannie and I decided to head to one of our most favorite County parks, Chestnut Ridge Park and Camp ground . Such a Beautiful cool day and just right for a hike.  Jeannie managed a few amazing photographs and we racked up some trail time.  Nothing beats spending time with the ones you love doing what you love.

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