Our Garden 2017

As With any summer  we are quickly coming to the end. As we head into fall the foliage starts it’s most beautiful changes,  so do our gardens.  As some of yall may know this spring was tough on our raised bed gardens. We went from 70* temps to quick frosts at night.   So with that said we managed to loose around 85% of our crops.


As you can see what produce that we managed to salvage has done very well this year.  Everything from Sunflowers, Peppers, Tomatoes down to chives.  Although we lost a lot of herbs and veggies we are most happy with what we are able to harvest. We hope next year and we pray that GOD will guide us and help us grow enough to sustain our family.    We really hope yall enjoy our blog and hope  that you will like, share and subscribe as well as follow us on all of our social media pages.

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