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V.i.p.p. Program Parks and Lodges we have visited

UPDATED 7/14/2017

State Parks, State and National Forest, Etc. Visited:




County Parks/Lodges and Other Parks We have Visited



So in 2013 the wife and I joined the VIPP program, the Program is geared toward tourism here in West Virginia, more so the State Parks and Wild life management areas.

The VIPP Program Not only promotes West Virginia tourism, But Also promotes Our State Parks, recreation Areas as well as places and destinations for families to take vacations or Mini Vacations.

We are having a great time with this, We’ve saw Some of the most beautiful Areas of West Virginia that Not Everyone would be able to see Unless they vacationed or Traveled to.


So Far this year We’ve Managed a Good many Trips and Plan to visit a lot more in the coming months. So If yall see us out and About, be sure to stop by and say hello, Who knows, you may end up in one of our videos and photo’s!

Interested? Sounds Like Fun? For more information Can be found by clicking HERE, or By Check out the VIPP Section on West Virginia State parks Web site( www.wvstateparks.com )

Update*  As Of June 18th 2016 we have completed the first round of the V.I.P.P. program.


Other Hiking and Trail Info

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