Dehydrating Pineapple




So today I decided to try my hand at making Puree fruit or fruit leather. So, The other day while at the grocery store I purchased some fresh pineapple. My wife and I both enjoy eating pineapple and we are always looking a better way to snack and we are always looking for better than can or jar fruits and veggies.

For Christmas this year I received a presto dehydro digital electric dehydrator and was super excited to try it out. Well, It seems the pineapple that I purchased was a little more ripe then what I would have like, so like crafty person that I am I decided to mash it up and process it into a liquid and make a Pureed fruit or fruit leather in my dehydrator.



As you can see I didn’t want to make the puree fine or extra fine so I left it a little bit chunky, so after four hours this is what it looks like. The texture is still a little soft so I decided to put it back in for another few hours.



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